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PRGF- Endoret, natural facial rejuvenation

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF) is a regenerative treatment that uses your own plasma and platelets to stimulate healing and tissue regeneration through the body’s natural repair mechanisms. We can use PRGF to help restore the skin to a more youthful appearance through injections. PRGF can help:

  • anti- ageing

  • sun damage

  • skin rejuvenation

  • hair growth

  • promote painless healing and bone regeneration

What is involved?

PRGF is sometimes called the ‘vampire’ treatment as your blood is needed in the first step.


A sample of your blood is taken from your arm just like in a routine blood test. The blood is centrifuged to split the blood into it’s components, separating the plasma and the platelets. It’s the plasma and platelets that we use in PRGF. Please click here for information on BTi-Biotechnology

The plasma is then injected into your skin, which can be numbed beforehand if necessary. You should start to see the effects of treatment after 24 hours.


Endoret Gel

Endoret gel is a completely natural filler made from your own plasma. As well as providing all the enhancements other dermal fillers provide it is also capable of rejuvenating and regenerating your skin.

Endoret gel is applied in the same way as a dermal filler and can be used for plumping up the skin, contouring cheeks and lips and providing a more youthful appearance overall. It is made from PRGF

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